The emergence of the web and social media has impacted on the practice of journalism around the world. Journalists are no longer confined to their national boundaries but now have access to tools that bring them closer to international audiences than ever before. How does this trend impact journalism cultures in Africa?

In many African countries corruption, instability and existing media laws are some of the challenges journalists have to contend with. What are the roles of journalists in African countries? How do they define ethical journalism and what are their opinions about objectivity, impartiality and more.

This website is an initiative that provides a platform for academics who study journalism in Africa and journalists working in/on the continent. We encourage debates, exchange of ideas, research cooperations and sharing of materials among people. We welcome contributions from anyone who is passionate about this topic and look forward to finding ways to address the gap in the study of journalism in Africa, or from people who want to share their experiences on journalism topics.

 This project is  currently supported by the “Worlds of Journalism Study (WJS)” founded to regularly assess the state of journalism throughout the world. More here