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“Community Journalism” is a social-network  right inside “Journalism Cultures in Africa”. This is not a Facebook page link, Twitter, Pinterest, or other public social network.

This is a place where Journalists, Journalism-Enthusiasts, Practitioners, can chat, share, discuss, laugh, and make “comfortable jokes” about the profession within their profile pages, private messaging, and even within Group discussion forums.

In this time-frame that “Jouralism Cultures in Africa” has been gathering steam, eminent personalties who are renowned scholars, celebrities, (in their own right), movers-and-shakers in the journalism world has joined. Some had consented for us to use their pictures, while some prefer to remain private as “thought-givers”.

In this Community, we will be talking about issues that are pertinent to African journalism, journalism in general and we will also like those who prefer to remain “Private” to do just that, while speaking their mind(s).

Others can choosen to be “Members”, or form a “Group” or even start an “Activity”.

We are Journalists, communication experts, media-movers, we love our profession, and we want to speak about it, not on Facebook, nor Twitter, or other social forums. We want to speak or hearts out where we know, it is our own “Community”.

Welcome to “Community Journalism”… in the Blog.