What is the Worlds of Journalism Study?
The Worlds of Journalism study is an academic-driven project with an objective to regularly assess the state of journalism worldwide. “The Study’s primary objective is to help journalism researchers, practitioners, media managers and policy makers better understand worldviews and changes that are taking place in the professional orientations of journalists, the conditions and limitations under which they operate, as well as the social functions of journalism in a changing world. journalists on their roles and the  state of journalism around the world.” The project is administered by Prof Thomas Hanitzsch at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, an executive committee representing the various regions and a scientific committee. The WJS study is headquartered in Munich and sponsored by various organisations.Part of the work of the Worlds of Journalism Study is to network international journalism scholarship by enhancing collaborative scientific research and collective publications of over 100 media scholars from different parts of the world.

Which Countries are participating?
Over eighty countries are participating in the study from Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Oceania (Australia, etc), Latin America & Carribean, Middle East, Western Europe & Northern America. For information on the various countries see here 

 WJS Study and JCA
In Africa twelve countries are represented in the Worlds of Journalism Study and 14 scholars are working together to ensure the continent is represented. Journalism Cultures Africa is participating in the 2014 study already underway in many countries around the world. We are conducting the research in two countries, Sierra Leone and Liberia and hope to add some more in due cause.  

Note: The WJS study in Liberia was suspended due to the Ebola crises. We will inform you when we resume. Thanks for your understanding.

WJS study Sierra Leone and Liberia 2014/2015
In April 2014, the online survey of journalists in Sierra Leone and Liberia commenced. We hope to get 260 to 300 journalists in Sierra Leone and 160 to 200 journalists in Liberia to participate. To access the form for Sierra Leone please click here.